3 Growth hacking tips for Twitter

3 Twitter growth hacking tips by Bludgedmarketing

How to grow your Twitter audience

Twitter is a great platform to promote your business, find new clients, offer new products and services. But having a Twitter account for your business is not enough. It won't get you anywhere. So you really need to work and work hard, on getting your content out there and engaging with others in order to generate some leads. Luckily, there are several growth hacking tips that can greatly help us with that.

There are plenty of great resources out there related to Twitter growth such as Twitter marketing tips and trick from HubSpot or a great compilation of Twitter growth hacking related posts on Socialquant. In this though through I am going to show you a few simple techniques that can help you with getting from zero (no Twitter account) to, I wish I could say "hero" here, a stage where your account is noticeable and your tweets generate some traffic to your website. To a point where your Twitter account starts actually working for you.

In short, here are the steps you need to follow:

These are all free techniques, that can bring you consistent followers growth and extra traffic to your website. And as a result could convert your visitors into customers.

Growth hacking tip #1 - Set up Twitter Account

To set up your Twitter account you have to follow following three steps:

  1. create an account
  2. add a profile image, background image, your bio (description of your business)
  3. post 10-20 tweets of your own content and retweet somebody else's content as your initial load, so your account does not look empty when people check it out.

Creating an account is a very straightforward process so I won't be covering it here.

Why is it important to have profile and background images and your bio on your Twitter profile? You want to make sure that it is clear to your visitors who you are and what you have to offer. Profiles without an avatar image leave an impression of incomplete and therefore discourage people from engaging. Try to avoid using some unrelated media files for your profile or background images. For example, if you run a dental clinique do not use a flower field as your profile image and some mountain lake as a background. Instead, place your business logo as a profile and some smiling people as a background. This way it is absolutely clear what kind of business you have.

Same goes for your bio, description of your business, what you have to offer etc. Add the address, link to your website. So people know how to get in touch with you.

The next step is as important as first two. You do not want people to end up on a blank Twitter profile page even if you have relevant images and super clear description. If there is no content, again, it means that you are either not ready yet, or your account is abandoned. In either case, chances that people will follow your account are very slim. There will be some accounts following, but most likely those are automated interactions and they won't really engage with your content and therefore won't bring any value to your business.

So the first thing you have to do after you created your Twitter account is to post initial load of content. Make sure you add some nice graphics as well. Find related tweets and retweet them as well. Your goal is to fill up your profile page with relevant high-quality content. So every visitor would have something to see and engage with.

Growth hacking tip #2 - Posting on Twitter

You do need to post often on Twitter. There are a few reasons for it.

First - you get higher chances of engagement. Due to the nature of Twitter, a lifetime of each tweet you post is very small (about 5 minutes), and after that it loses the chance of getting any attention. Tweeting your content frequently will increase your engagement.

Second - you want to make sure that your account looks active for other users. People (and smart bots) check how often you tweet and when was the last time you tweeted. If you have not posted anything in a few weeks your visitors may think that you have given up on your Twitter account and there is no need in following you since you are not delivering anything and most likely won't engage with their content either. This aspect was covered in details in our recent post on how to get ver 5000 followers on Twitter.

I know that it could be very time consuming being online all the time and tweet again and again. To make your life easier we, at Bludged.com, came up with the solution - Twitter Message Lists. You can create a list of tweets, your publishing calendar and then let your tweets loop. If you have new content to share, you can simply add a new tweet(s) to the list and they will be published for you according to your schedule. You can learn more about how to recycle your tweets in our recent blog post.

Growth hacking tip #3 - Engage with other users on Twitter

This is one of the most important activities you have to perform in order to grow your Twitter account. All previous tasks are also important and engaging with others would not get you very far if your account looks mediocre or you do not have any content. But this activity is what actually drives followers growth at early stages.

We covered in depth reasons why it is so important to engage with other users in our recent post about how to get over 5000 followers on Twitter. But to save you from reading another post I will give you a quick sum-up:

When you like and share content of other users you attract their attention. Generally, people are nice and if they see somebody complementing their work (and liking and sharing their content is, in fact, complementing it) they want to return a favour. So find relevant accounts, check their profiles, like their tweets, share their tweets if you like them that much. Respond to direct messages and tweets sent to you. Follow back.


I don't want to lie to you. It is not an easy task to grow your Twitter account especially if you do not have a budget for advertising and have limited time. It will take time. But it does work and with some dedication, schedule and set of tools you can grow your account and help your business shine!

Good luck and please feel free to get in touch with us on Twitter or leave a comment if you have any questions about our Twitter growth hacking tips.

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How to get over 5000 followers on Twitter

So you are getting closer to 5000 mark, congrats! This is really awesome! But it might be a bit tricky to pass it when Twitter does not allow you to follow more than 5000 accounts if you have less than 5k followers. Make sure to read our most valuable Twitter growth hacking tips and tricks if you are only getting started with your journey on Twitter. 

With following 4 rules you can easily get over 5k followers milestone and just build up your Twitter audience does not matter how popular your account is:

  1. Follow and engage with relevant accounts on daily basis
  2. Unfollow ignoring users
  3. Respond to direct messages and be careful with auto DMs
  4. Tweet often

Follow and engage with relevant accounts on daily basis

Why is it important to engage with other users? Twitter is an overcrowded network, with lots of very popular accounts everybody is following and listening to. If you do not make a move yourself, it is less likely you will get noticed. Imagine a party you attend where you do not know anybody. Unless you are already a very popular person or you know the host and he/she would introduce you to the rest it is most likely you would be standing somewhere in the corner just watching the party go by. Unless you express initiative, come up to people and introduce yourself. If you do, you might leave the party with quite a few new friends!

Same thing with social networks. You have to engage. And when you grow your account you have to do it often.

But whom should you engage with? Where can you find those accounts? This is easy. Find an influencer in your niche, a very popular account that is relevant to your business or interest. And simply go through their list of followers. But do not blindly follow all the followers. This would only grow the number of users you follow with very low conversion (number of people following you back). To increase your chances of being followed back you have to express your interest in that person. To begin with, be genuine (well up to a point). Check each account be fore you engage, check the following/followers ratio. If the account is followed by 100k people but follows only 23, chances are you not going to get followed back. It is not necessarily a bad thing, but we will get back to it later.

To increase your chances of being followed back you have to express your interest in that person. To begin with, be genuine (well up to a point). Check each account be fore you engage, check the following/followers ratio. If the account is followed by 100k people but follows only 23, chances are you not going to get followed back. It is not necessarily a bad thing, but we will get back to it later.

  • Check each account be fore you engage, check the following/followers ratio. If the account is followed by 100k people but follows only 23, chances are you not going to get followed back. It is not necessarily a bad thing, but we will get back to it later.
  • Check how active the account is, how many tweets were posted. When was the last tweet?
  • What is he/she tweeting about? Many people follow lots of random accounts. Many people tweet some really weird stuff. Before you engage, make sure that content posted by the user is in similar interests area as yours. Let's say if you starting an icecream business in New York it is less likely people constantly tweeting about oil industry in Siberia would be very much interested.

To figure out if the account is relevant takes about a second. If you see that it could be a good match, engage, like several tweets, if you find something really interesting don't be shy and retweet. After that follow that user. This way of engagement increases your chances of conversion from 1.5% to 32%, we did our testing 🙂

Before we wrap up this topic, I just wanted to mention that following popular accounts in your business niche even if you know they will not follow you back is not bad at all! One of the very good reasons why to follow them is that you might be spotted by similar guys like yourself going through the followers of that very account. So don't follow people just to be followed back!

Unfollow ignoring users

It may sound harsh, but in order to get over 5000 followers milestone, you need to clean up your account frequently. Otherwise, you would reach your limits of the number of users you follow and you would not be able to engage with anybody else. If you are not engaging then you are not growing.

My strategy here is to dedicate one day a week to detox. For six days you engage with other users, follow them, and then one day you just go through your list of users you follow and unfollow those who did not follow you back. Some people unfollow you as well due to their own reasons. So unless they provide some great unique content you are interested in, there is no need to keep them.

There is another very good reason why you need to keep your account clean. Your image! Yes, it sounds stupid, but in reality people do look at the number of users you follow and how many follow you back. If you follow 4900 users and have only 20 followers your chances are very slim. People would think that your content is not worth their time. It is more likely to be followed when you have 10 followers and you follow 10 people, rather than you have 100 followers and you follow 5000 people. If your numbers are low it only means you are only starting your journey, and many people are happy to help. When your ratio is huge, then you are treated as a spammer.

Respond to direct messages and be careful with auto DMs

If you receive a direct message, take your time and answer it. It is great to start a conversation and get to know each other better. This way you can build a relationship and increase trust in your business.

Quite often you would receive an auto DM from the accounts you followed. I personally don't like those, but I still advise on responding to those messages, unless they are strict sales or spam message, like "Buy my new book on Amazon" or "Follow me on Instagram".

If you decided to use auto direct messages, it is absolutely fine, but just make sure you are being polite and at least introduce yourself. Don't write extremely long messages, those are less likely to be read. People don't have time these days, and they just met you. So no need to be boring right away 🙂

Another thing to watch out for is dummy algorithms in auto DMs. Some tools don't check if the message was sent to you already and can send the same message again and again. Receiving an auto DM is not the best thing, but getting the same message several times is so BAD. That can damage your account credibility. 

Automation is great, but human interaction is better. So if you can avoid using auto DMs, do it!

Tweet often

Remember when we talked about following relevant accounts, one of the checks was to see how active the account is? Well, same goes for you. If you do not tweet, but only engage, you are going to struggle. Imaging the same party where you know nobody. If you come up to a group of people and only introduce yourself (which is better than nothing) and then stay silently listening to others, how likely do you think people would remember you? Well, they might if you look extraordinary. But most likely people remember those who told great stories, did something cool, was entertaining.

Same on Twitter. You have to deliver great content. Your tweets need to stand out with great media used, right hashtags etc..

But what if you don't have much to share now? The content you share does not have to be yours. You can share great blog posts you read, some tools you use, other tweets you liked! It could be time-consuming, I know. I recommend having a stream of tweets going in the loop as your background activity. This way when you don't have anything to share, or just taking some time off you account remains active. It is also useful if you want to deliver your content to your audience since with looping tweets you increase your chances of engagement because your tweet is getting seen by more people throughout the looping cycle. And of course, I would recommend you to use Bludged.com for looping tweets. It is easy to use, it is free to use, and it is our product and this is how good I am at selling it 🙂 If you fancy giving it a try there is a post explaining how to set up looping tweets.


We told you before how to get 1000 followers a month with only 40 seconds a day. We also offer automation services for Twitter and Facebook. There are lots of great tools for Twitter marketing and automation out there, some free, some you have to pay for. If you use them, use them wisely. Stay human! Let's interact, let's chat, let's share!

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