How to upgrade your account to premium at zero cost

Free Upgrade to Premium

Get upgraded to Premium type for free

We decided to be a better company and finish 2017 with a great offer to all our users and new ones to come. From December 2017 you can get full benefits of services at absolutely no costs at all.

This is not a joke! You can sign up for Freemium account and get it upgraded to Premium at zero cost!

Freemium vs Premium

What is the difference between free and paid subscription types?

Freemium plan gives you access to a limited set of features, but is still very powerful:

  • schedule an unlimited number of posts to Facebook and Twitter
  • create Twitter message lists
  • link unlimited number of Facebook profiles, managed pages, and Twitter accounts

With paid subscriptions on top of freemium features you also get:

  • Facebook Message Lists
  • Analytics
  • Instagram Publishing Calendar

There is also one distinction. With freemium subscription, you agree to allow services to post on your behalf one self-promoting tweet on every hundred tweets you post.

How to upgrade to Premium

There are two ways:

  1. Change your subscription from freemium to one of the paid plans. This way you will get access to all the features and will remove self-promoting tweets.
  2. You can get upgraded to premium subscription at no costs involved. You would still have to agree to freemium terms of use and agree our services to post self-promoting tweets on every hundred tweets you post.

So let's focus on the second way since it is FREE, right? 🙂

From now on when you log into you will see a referral URL on your dashboard. Share this URL with your audience (friends, colleagues, followers on social media). That is it!

When people sign up for using your referral URL you will get a referral point. As soon as three people signed up and verified their email addresses your account will be granted premium access to all the features!

It does not matter if registered users chose freemium or paid subscription type. You would get your referral point in any case. Once you got your 3 points (you can see the status on the dashboard as well, next to your referral URL) you will get upgraded automatically.

And yes, they can also upgrade from freemium to premium the same way. No restrictions there.


Why are we doing this? Well, there are a few reasons. First, we want to finish 2017 by doing something nice to all of you. Second - the more of you use all the features, the more feedback we are going to receive and feedback is always great. This is how we know what you use, what you like or dislike, what you would like to have, and how we can do things better.

Hope you enjoy this little giveaway! 🙂

We would love your feedback! And will love you forever if you share our great news on your social media channels!

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How to set up automated Facebook posting with

You have signed up for – that’s great! We are thrilled to hear that.

What next? One of the coolest features of is the ability to generate Facebook posts based on your website’s content. This way you can create a schedule and focus on your primary business leaving your content marketing running on autopilot. Well, up to a certain limit🙂

But we’ll talk about it later. Let’s start the setup!

How to configure automated feed on

  1. Now first thing you need to set up is your feed source – link your website, and teach Bludged how to parse it. To do that, navigate to “Feed Sources” menu and then click “Add New Feed Source” button.

Finalizing your automated feed setup

Next thing to do is to create a scheduler. Navigate to “Schedulers” menu and click “Add New Scheduler” button.

All done! Now in the background will start crawling your website, generate posts and store them in the system. You would have to approve those before they get posted. But don’t worry, you can approve all by a single button click🙂 Navigate to “Posts”, click “Automated Posts” button to find all your automatically generated posts. If you like what you see just click “Approve All” button and this is it.

Before we wrap up, there is one more thing I wanted to talk about.

Is it good enough to run on autopilot?

The answer would be “NO”. If you only want to fill up your Facebook feed with automatically generated posts listing your products, this is a bad idea. But mixing your manually crafted posts with those product promotions would be a much better approach. So ideally create an automated feed, post with it 3-5 times a week and schedule some manual posts as well. This way your feed looks live and user friendly, your followers don’t feel stuffed with dry product posts.

Do you have any questions/comments? Please leave a comment below, we would love to hear back from you. You can also reach us via Twitter.

Best Christmas gift for a marketeer

Freemium subscription plan at

If you are new to or not really familiar with this tool at all, I will give you a quick introduction. is a social media marketing automation tool. Currently it is targeting Facebook and Twitter social networks but there are tons of really cool features in the pipeline. So better get on board while the project is still at its' infant state. If you sign up now, you would get all the upcoming upgrades at no cost!

So what can you automate with Briefly - it allows you scheduling your Facebook and Twitter posts. Beside that it also allows you to generate tweet lists, your so much desired looping tweets. And you can do even more, you can teach to understand your website and generate Facebook posts based on its content. Sweet right?

But for this Christmas you get all of this for FREE!!! Yes, absolutely at no cost! We give you a freemium subscription plan!!!

How does it work

So what is this fancy Freemium subscription? It is a full access to all features of the system with no limitations whatsoever! You get it all for FREE!

But yes, there is a catch! If you choose freemium subscription then reserve a right to tweet on your behalf one promotional tweet after every 100 tweets you posted using services. This promotional tweet would be something like "I am using for automating my Twitter marketing. You should check it out!". Tweets might be different and may contain graphics attached to them, but they will be always targeting promotion.

We simply want to become more popular so we can get more feedback from you guys and make our software even better! 


Yes, the whole idea behind freemium subscription is to get as much feedback as we can. Good or bad, we would love to hear what you think of, what you would like to be improved, added, or removed.

So please comment on this post, get in touch with us via contact page or Twitter, leave a comment on our Facebook page. We would love that. And we would love you even more if you followed us on Twitter and Facebook! 🙂