About Us

First of all welcome to Bludged.com Blog. In this series of blog posts you will learn about Bludge.com, who we are and what we have to offer. We are here to share our experience in the digital marketing world with you. Expose all potential pitfalls and highlight the shortcuts so you can save your valuable time and relax!


Who we are

Bludged.com - is a social media automation tool with the primary focus on Facebook and Twitter networks.

We are constantly improving our software and services to make sure they reflect our customers' expectations and deliver desired results.

In our blog you can find articles explaining how to use Bludged.com system e.g. how to configure automated Facebook posts or how to set up your very first Twitter message list, why and when these options are useful etc..

Beside articles circling around our own software we are happy to share with you our experience while trying to succeed in the market. We will be covering different topics and targeting variety of networks. But the same time we would like to keep our posts short and clear, so no BS, but facts, steps taken and results achieved. So stay put and learn some cool stuff together with us!

We would be happy to hear back from you, so leave your comments on our blog posts or get in touch with us if you have other questions/suggestions.