Free Upgrade to Premium

How to upgrade your account to premium at zero cost

Free Upgrade to Premium

Get upgraded to Premium type for free

We decided to be a better company and finish 2017 with a great offer to all our users and new ones to come. From December 2017 you can get full benefits of services at absolutely no costs at all.

This is not a joke! You can sign up for Freemium account and get it upgraded to Premium at zero cost!

Freemium vs Premium

What is the difference between free and paid subscription types?

Freemium plan gives you access to a limited set of features, but is still very powerful:

  • schedule an unlimited number of posts to Facebook and Twitter
  • create Twitter message lists
  • link unlimited number of Facebook profiles, managed pages, and Twitter accounts

With paid subscriptions on top of freemium features you also get:

  • Facebook Message Lists
  • Analytics
  • Instagram Publishing Calendar

There is also one distinction. With freemium subscription, you agree to allow services to post on your behalf one self-promoting tweet on every hundred tweets you post.

How to upgrade to Premium

There are two ways:

  1. Change your subscription from freemium to one of the paid plans. This way you will get access to all the features and will remove self-promoting tweets.
  2. You can get upgraded to premium subscription at no costs involved. You would still have to agree to freemium terms of use and agree our services to post self-promoting tweets on every hundred tweets you post.

So let's focus on the second way since it is FREE, right? 🙂

From now on when you log into you will see a referral URL on your dashboard. Share this URL with your audience (friends, colleagues, followers on social media). That is it!

When people sign up for using your referral URL you will get a referral point. As soon as three people signed up and verified their email addresses your account will be granted premium access to all the features!

It does not matter if registered users chose freemium or paid subscription type. You would get your referral point in any case. Once you got your 3 points (you can see the status on the dashboard as well, next to your referral URL) you will get upgraded automatically.

And yes, they can also upgrade from freemium to premium the same way. No restrictions there.


Why are we doing this? Well, there are a few reasons. First, we want to finish 2017 by doing something nice to all of you. Second - the more of you use all the features, the more feedback we are going to receive and feedback is always great. This is how we know what you use, what you like or dislike, what you would like to have, and how we can do things better.

Hope you enjoy this little giveaway! 🙂

We would love your feedback! And will love you forever if you share our great news on your social media channels!

Credits to the author of the original media file designed by Freepik we used to create the graphics for this post.

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