3 Growth hacking tips for Twitter

3 Twitter growth hacking tips by Bludgedmarketing

How to grow your Twitter audience

Twitter is a great platform to promote your business, find new clients, offer new products and services. But having a Twitter account for your business is not enough. It won't get you anywhere. So you really need to work and work hard, on getting your content out there and engaging with others in order to generate some leads. Luckily, there are several growth hacking tips that can greatly help us with that.

There are plenty of great resources out there related to Twitter growth such as Twitter marketing tips and trick from HubSpot or a great compilation of Twitter growth hacking related posts on Socialquant. In this though through I am going to show you a few simple techniques that can help you with getting from zero (no Twitter account) to, I wish I could say "hero" here, a stage where your account is noticeable and your tweets generate some traffic to your website. To a point where your Twitter account starts actually working for you.

In short, here are the steps you need to follow:

These are all free techniques, that can bring you consistent followers growth and extra traffic to your website. And as a result could convert your visitors into customers.

Growth hacking tip #1 - Set up Twitter Account

To set up your Twitter account you have to follow following three steps:

  1. create an account
  2. add a profile image, background image, your bio (description of your business)
  3. post 10-20 tweets of your own content and retweet somebody else's content as your initial load, so your account does not look empty when people check it out.

Creating an account is a very straightforward process so I won't be covering it here.

Why is it important to have profile and background images and your bio on your Twitter profile? You want to make sure that it is clear to your visitors who you are and what you have to offer. Profiles without an avatar image leave an impression of incomplete and therefore discourage people from engaging. Try to avoid using some unrelated media files for your profile or background images. For example, if you run a dental clinique do not use a flower field as your profile image and some mountain lake as a background. Instead, place your business logo as a profile and some smiling people as a background. This way it is absolutely clear what kind of business you have.

Same goes for your bio, description of your business, what you have to offer etc. Add the address, link to your website. So people know how to get in touch with you.

The next step is as important as first two. You do not want people to end up on a blank Twitter profile page even if you have relevant images and super clear description. If there is no content, again, it means that you are either not ready yet, or your account is abandoned. In either case, chances that people will follow your account are very slim. There will be some accounts following, but most likely those are automated interactions and they won't really engage with your content and therefore won't bring any value to your business.

So the first thing you have to do after you created your Twitter account is to post initial load of content. Make sure you add some nice graphics as well. Find related tweets and retweet them as well. Your goal is to fill up your profile page with relevant high-quality content. So every visitor would have something to see and engage with.

Growth hacking tip #2 - Posting on Twitter

You do need to post often on Twitter. There are a few reasons for it.

First - you get higher chances of engagement. Due to the nature of Twitter, a lifetime of each tweet you post is very small (about 5 minutes), and after that it loses the chance of getting any attention. Tweeting your content frequently will increase your engagement.

Second - you want to make sure that your account looks active for other users. People (and smart bots) check how often you tweet and when was the last time you tweeted. If you have not posted anything in a few weeks your visitors may think that you have given up on your Twitter account and there is no need in following you since you are not delivering anything and most likely won't engage with their content either. This aspect was covered in details in our recent post on how to get ver 5000 followers on Twitter.

I know that it could be very time consuming being online all the time and tweet again and again. To make your life easier we, at Bludged.com, came up with the solution - Twitter Message Lists. You can create a list of tweets, your publishing calendar and then let your tweets loop. If you have new content to share, you can simply add a new tweet(s) to the list and they will be published for you according to your schedule. You can learn more about how to recycle your tweets in our recent blog post.

Growth hacking tip #3 - Engage with other users on Twitter

This is one of the most important activities you have to perform in order to grow your Twitter account. All previous tasks are also important and engaging with others would not get you very far if your account looks mediocre or you do not have any content. But this activity is what actually drives followers growth at early stages.

We covered in depth reasons why it is so important to engage with other users in our recent post about how to get over 5000 followers on Twitter. But to save you from reading another post I will give you a quick sum-up:

When you like and share content of other users you attract their attention. Generally, people are nice and if they see somebody complementing their work (and liking and sharing their content is, in fact, complementing it) they want to return a favour. So find relevant accounts, check their profiles, like their tweets, share their tweets if you like them that much. Respond to direct messages and tweets sent to you. Follow back.


I don't want to lie to you. It is not an easy task to grow your Twitter account especially if you do not have a budget for advertising and have limited time. It will take time. But it does work and with some dedication, schedule and set of tools you can grow your account and help your business shine!

Good luck and please feel free to get in touch with us on Twitter or leave a comment if you have any questions about our Twitter growth hacking tips.

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